Питомник Невских маскарадных кошек "Невская Маска"


Glad to see you on the pages of this website, dedicated to this wonderful breed of cats as Neva Masquerade. My name is Alexandra and I am the owner of cattery "Neva Mask". This cattery name not chosen by chance: at the Neva Masquerade cat drawn on the face "mask". But this "mask" does not prevent them from expressing their emotions.

If you come here, it means you are interested in cats. Invite you to communicate in a friendly atmosphere. Here you will find information about the breed, many beautiful and funny photos, news, stories and nursery of life our cats. Of course I will published various articles that will help better understanding our smaller brothers, improve their conditions of detention and increase our vigilance. Well, if you decide to purchase a fluffy Angel, you have got to right address.

So, the cattary has registration of FIFE system and gets a part  in international exhibitions actively. We have already visited the exhibitions in Vilnius, Klaipeda, Gomel, Vitebsk, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and this is only  at the beginning. At exhibitions we win the hearts of judges and get the highest score.

Cattery is young, but we have great ambitious plans and we approach each decision responsibly and thoughtfully. The main focus of the work is  getting large and healthy kittens with intensely blue eyes, as well as a pale pink noses for those who muzzle Nevas seems too "brutal".

Having got a kitten, you will receive a storm of positive emotions from communicating with fluffy pet companion, loyalty and love. If you are sure you are ready for another family member and you like Neva Masquerade cats, we have to talk about.

Photo of kittens are available here: http://www.nevamask.ru/kittens.

Thank you!

2019  Neva Mask